Night of the Living Sex Dolls part 2

She’s attacking her phone keys again and I’m almost certain she’s telling someone she knows about what a prick I am, but there’s fuck all I can do about it because taking her phone or even looking would still be a violation of her space, a blitzkrieg on her body politic, almost a violence, I feel, almost rape, and she notices me looking and the rest of the argument went something like this, leaving no concrete memory of who said what or when they said it, choice quotes included;



“Look” she said eventually “I think we’re missing the point here a little bit, which is that you think it isn’t right for me to have done that photoshoot with those sexed up catholic guilt robots, and I told you already that it’s fine, because as soon as the program has finished running, we erase all memory of the incident, and besides even though they can feel guilt, they can’t actually, you know, feel physical pain, at least not the way that you or I would understand it”

and I wasn’t sure how we even did understand it any more…


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#12 Katermorphosis part 3

‘Here, many heads sprang up without necks, Mere arms were wandering around with shoulders, And single eyes, lacking foreheads, roamed around’ – Plato ‘When you call out my name in rapture, I volunteer my soul for murder’ – P.J Harvey Part 1                            […]

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#10 Katermorphosis part 1

B was a lot of things, conjures up a lot of disparate images when I try to picture her. If pushed though, I’d say the way I remember her says more about me than any kind of objective notion of what she was actually like. I think this applies to most people, as it goes. […]

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